overwhelm. invigoration. vortex is our experience of the tornado of ideas and appointments notes and inspirations and reminders and to-dos of late and in preparation and response to opening and envisioning this creative community space. will you follow into the void ??


TUESDAY 10am YES BITCH IT’S AN OFFICIAL MEETING !! 1pm call lightning bolt about tote order * reminder email alex back 3pm finish new black crop tote design and send for proofs 7pm drinks at pink moon 9pm get your mom a birthday present !! // WEDNESDAY all day event HONEY IN NYC * reminder send canvas favorites for spotify * reminder look into temporary building permits + buy black paint water based matte clear poly in grey and black * reminder fortify yourself against demons 2pm ask if there is power 3:30pm call with madelyn 5pm dinner with E !! * reminder do your taxes !! THURSDAY * reminder look for metal for dressing room curtain rod 10am DIFFERENT WRLD WEBSITE REFRESH // add preorder items and update inventory from library collab 1pm call with alex 2pm look into quotes on water bottles / order stickers / order more temporary tattoos! 5:30pm meeting with mom about non-profits 7pm reminder to meet with M // YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW UP !! // FRIDAY all day event INDIGO’S MUSIC VID <3 <3 <3 !!! 8:30am quick photo at the space wear all black !! 12pm load car and drive to marshall 3pm crew call ! 6pm extra call ! (note) wrench wrench? boxes, screwdriver, megaphone, shower curtain, bible, sharpies, glass vessels (note) quiet outside please walk around building if not on set // SATURDAY 2pm pick up fabric scraps and bring down the new patterns 3pm go to the river!! 7pm A’s birthday party !! // SUNDAY all day event BIG CRAFTY !! 10am ride to airport ! 2pm get SSD hard drive, review footage (note) working creative, bleeding edge // MONDAY all day event ROXY IN BOSTON 11am call about tailgate collab 3pm call matthew + answer dani’s email (note) 74 KG 6-12 * reminder talk to fire marshal about doors * reminder follow up about treatement (note) explain why we are competitive, edit pitch deck and update financial projections // TUESDAY all day event NETTIE IN THE WOODS 10am facetime catch up 1pm creative hub equipment list and booking 2pm organize vinyl for the set for the weekend * reminder look at vlog footage * reminder PAY RENT ++ studio + house !! 5pm connect with people who break down barriers to entry in all industries * reminder follow rule number one !

S I Z E   G U I D E

all sizing is unisex. runs true. size up if you’re going for a real oversize fit. 

Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
S 281/4 in. 72 cm 203/8in. 52 cm 241/8 in. 61.5 cm
M 283/8 in. 72 cm 223/8 in. 57 cm 245/8 in. 62.5 cm
L 281/2 in. 72.5 cm 243/8 in. 62 cm 251/8 in. 64 cm
XL 285/8 in. 72.5 cm 263/8 in. 67 cm 255/8 in. 65 cm
2XL 283/4 in. 73 cm 283/8 in. 72 cm 26 1/8 in. 66.5 cm


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