how it started

in the summer of 2020 in the middle some times for which there really are no words, *something out there* brought us together to find this space and dream this vision into life.

the space is 701 haywood road, the former home of the music venue THE MOTHLIGHT, a space loved by the community that we couldn’t stand to lose. a few sparks turned into many late nights of wild ideas that seemed like they just might work. and here we are.

we started creating spaces because we need space.

there are opportunities for creatives, but many of them are only for some and not for all. we believe everyone should be able to create and have access to the resources that they need.

DIFFERENT WRLD is a black-led, queer and women owned project funded entirely by the community.

this is for us, by us. we believe in doing nothing without intention. we believe that if you cross, you should help somebody else cross. if you are free, you have to set someone else free.

we’ve been behind the scenes putting together our dreams and plans for the space over the past several months with our friends and community. not gonna lie, it’s been exhausting. we’re really trying to do it right, so we can do right by you.

every day it comes together a little more in ways we never could have imagined. truly, we can’t wait to share this vision with you. 

this video is of honey. she started DIFFERENT WRLD several years ago as a clothing brand that merged into an event production brand.

now there’s a small team behind honey and DIFFERENT WRLD has transformed full force into a production collective and creative hub.



we want you to feel safe, we want you to feel heard, we want you to feel empowered and equipped to take on any project you can dream up.


our intention is to hold space for people to connect with each other and the asheville community. we all know what it feels like to be underserved and unwelcome. we know asheville has more to offer our art community and creatives of all types. 


different wrld is a space where you can ask for what you need and get what you didn’t know you needed. we’re here to help you set your intentions and get your shit done.

each of our individual paths have prepared us for this in different ways.

  • from taking care of your kids
  • to lobbying congressmen for climate change policy
  • to researching native Appalachian herbs
  • to designing fashion lines
  • to teaching your kids how to swim
  • to dj’ing and acting on stage
  • to working back to back doubles
  • to marching in the streets 
  • to casting & producing photoshoots

we are real ass humans, like truly. we get it.

all of it has brought us to this moment. the thing is, we’re tired of the way things have been. we’ve seen the way the system is broken. it’s time to try something completely different. 

we need your help to make it happen.

a lot of industries have a high barrier to entry. this dream is one of them. which is why we are leaning on our communities and our networks to allow us to gain access. 

our dream in building the CREATIVE HUB is to provide the tools that to break down barriers for people to be able to explore their creative work. in helping break down our barrier, we pledge to continue to break down barriers in our community. 

this won’t be possible without your help. we weren’t kidding about you digging into your couch cushions and send us that extra coin to help us get this shit going! 

people just need space. and we like creating spaces. 

will you help us create a different wrld? 

l o v e ,

the different wrld team

we are a small team of people on ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ cherokee land in asheville, north carolina. through some miracle silver lining of 2020 we were brought together with a space to make this vision a reality.

if you vibe with our vision, consider sending us some support to help make this dream happen.