your gifts and creativity go to support the underground creative arts scene + help us break down barriers to entry to the creative industry

we believe everyone is creative. you don’t have to be interested in using the tools in the space to support our vision. SUPPORTING PARTNERS are our lifeline and they pay it forward to make sure that folx that really need access have it when they need it.

as a SUPPORTING PARTNER your gift goes to …

    • support the underground arts scene of avl and the surrounding areas
    • fund the creative hub to provide resources that break down barriers of entry to the creative industry
    • provide safe space for BIPOC and queer voices
    • support creatives in knowing their worth and actualizing their vision

we ask for you to…

    • follow our HOUSE RULES
    • recognize the land we stand on and those who originally occupied and worked the land
    • dedicate yourself to reconciliation of harms inflicted on black, brown, and indigenous people
    • make it a regular practice to check in with yourself and reflect on your own growth
    • uplift and hold space for the underserved in our community
    • help others cross

please fill out this form to become a supporting partner <3

please note this form is for a monthly recurring gift. you can also give a one-time gift.

PLEASE NOTE YOUR GIFT IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. By giving this gift you acknowledge you are not expecting anything directly in return for your contribution. Your gift helps us maintain accessible pricing and open access to our space.