Experiential Installation premiered at Black Mountain College {Re}HAPPENING 2022 on April 2, 2022

Out of sight, out of mind. How much can shove away until it bursts at the seams? Daunting as it might be, we were born to create solutions.

In these times, art will be a third voice in many conversations – we want this piece to have a voice as well. We have to take care of our Earth & each other so that we not only have the space to create, but to keep living, too.

It’s a conversation about the indirect. A conversation about how we have pushed things out of the way. How we haven’t heard all the stories or seen on all humans behind so many things that make the world go around. We are pulling things forward, sorting things out. Listening to new voices.

Often when we think about sustainability, our brains lead us straight to bamboo toothbrushes and reduce, reuse, recycle but we also hope this provokes what sustainability looks like for us as humans. How do we create better systems so that basic human rights are honored & respected? How do you rebuild communication and unlearn more than just what to do with an old t-shirt? Outdated policies? Harmful systems? Our wish is that you harness your creativity to take what we’ve shoved away and bring it back out to make something different.

To carry on the legacy of Black Mountain College – to use what we have, to create, and to inspire others to do the same – is the greatest gift. Long Live the Artist.


A special thanks to our crew of talented artist & friends:

Honey Simone

Maxwell Sauls

Devyn Vasquez

Julianna Chioma

Wyatt Roper 

Allyson Seifert

Dani Giannone

Glenda Romualdo

Roxanne Snider

Garnet Fisher

About The {Re}HAPPENING 

In 2009, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center board member Jolene Mechanic developed a fundraising idea that grew into the {Re}HAPPENING, a dinner and performance event inspired by John Cage’s 1952 Theatre Piece No. 1, considered by many to be the first Happening. For the first six years, the Media Arts Project (MAP), an artist-run non-profit in Asheville, collaborated to organize and produce the event with BMCM+AC.

The {Re}HAPPENING is a one-day event at the historic campus of Black Mountain College, 15 minutes from Asheville. It is part art event, part fundraiser, and part community instigator, providing a platform for contemporary artists to share their responses to the vital legacy of Black Mountain College by activating the buildings and grounds of the BMC campus with installations, new media, music, and performance projects.

General admission brings in hundreds of visitors annually. In addition to providing a forum for regional artists and an accessible, immersive, educational experience for attendees, every year the event is a community collaboration between local businesses and arts organizations. 

About Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center 

Founded in 1933, Black Mountain College was one of the leading experimental liberal art schools in America until its closure in 1957. After the Bauhaus in Germany closed due to mounting antagonism from the Nazi Party, Josef and Anni Albers readily accepted an offer to join the Black Mountain College faculty. During their 16-year tenure in North Carolina, the Alberses helped model the college’s interdisciplinary curriculum on that of the Bauhaus, attracting an unmatched roster of teachers and students including R. Buckminster Fuller, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Robert Rauschenberg.

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC) was founded in 1993 by arts advocate Mary Holden to celebrate the history of Black Mountain College as a forerunner in progressive interdisciplinary education and to celebrate its extraordinary impact on modern and contemporary art, dance, theater, music, and performance.

The Museum is committed to educating the public about the history of Black Mountain College and promoting awareness of its extensive legacy through exhibitions, publications, lectures, films, seminars, and oral histories. Through our permanent collection, special exhibitions, publications, and research archive, we provide access to historical materials related to the College and its influence on the field.

BMCM+AC provides a forum for multifaceted programming in a dynamic environment in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Our goal is to provide a gathering point for people from a variety of backgrounds to interact – integrating art, ideas, and discourse.

More about BMCM+AC: http://www.blackmountaincollege.org/


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