Everyone’s Gotta Eat

Collab w/ West Asheville Tailgate Market

We teamed up with West Asheville Tailgate Market + ASAP with the intention to BREAK DOWN THE STIGMA around food stamps and help people figure out how to apply for food assistance. They also asked us to help get the word out that the Tailgate Market offers DOUBLE (2x) your $$$ dollars with EBT food assistance !!!

We created this tote in collaboration and gave away a set of them for FREE at a tailgate market event along with info on how to sign up for food assistance and what is covered by EBT.

Many folks may qualify for assitance depending on how much money your household makes. A lot more people qualify than you would think! We know the sensitivity & feeling shame around asking for help only bc we have experienced it ourselves but fuck that, everybody’s gotta eat 🖤

This is beginning of many conversations so please pull up a seat at the table & let’s talk !

event held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 from 3:30 – 6:30pm
partnership with West Asheville Tailgate Market and ASAP
tote printed by lightning bolt ink
creative direction by @ohhnohoney
graphic design by @garnetfisher


TXT ‘JOIN’ TO 833.277.3524 💅

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