Photo Studio Lighting Kit

Replacement Value $260

Includes 4 lights and stands, small backdrops in green, black, and white with standalone backdrop stand. To reserve our large 10′ seamless white photo backdrop, please also SEPARATELY reserve [701] Photo Studio w/ 10′ Backdrop.

  1. Kit carry bag
  2. 45W CFL Daylight bulb
  3. 45W CFL Daylight bulb 
  4. 45W CFL Daylight bulb 
  5. 45W CFL Daylight bulb
  6. Lamp holder
  7. Lamp holder
  8. Translucent umbrella 
  9. Translucent umbrella
  10. Softbox
  11. Softbox
  12. White blackdrop  
  13. Black backdrop
  14. Green backdrop
  15. Background support stand
  16. Background support stand
  17. Support stand beam part
  18. Support stand beam part
  19. Support stand beam part
  20. Light stand
  21. Light stand
  22. Light stand
  23. Light stand
  24. Backdrop clamp 
  25. Backdrop clamp 
  26. Backdrop clamp 
  27. Backdrop clamp 
  28. Backdrop clamp 
  29. Backdrop clamp
  30. Softbox light cover
  31. Softbox light cover
  32. Softbox bag
  33. Softbox bag
  34. Background support stand bag

Item checkout is for use IN THE STUDIO at Different Wrld only. Requests are approved on Tuesdays for use in studio the following Tuesday. 

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