We have a photo studio and library of creative gear available for checkout to use in our space at no cost.

Want to launch a new line of hats you made and need good photos? Looking for a synth loop to add in to your latest track? We have a photo studio and a catalog of creative gear that you can request to come use in our space for your creative projects.

How to use the gear:

  1. Browse the gear catalog and request the gear you want to use via our booking site.
  2. We’ll approve your request and confirm your reservation.
  3. Come to the space during your appointment time and we’ll have your gear ready!

Please Note:

  • Gear is available to check out on TUESDAYS. Other days may be available by request, contact us.
  • This is for self-directed use of the gear and does not include instruction on specific equipment.

Why do we do this?

To help artists:

  • Capture good photos of work to sell / archive
  • Try out gear that is cost prohibitive to access
  • Gain access to gear that you might only need to use once

Tech changes all the time and buying new equipment is a barrier to entry. We share resources so you can try out new tools and mediums. We believe it’s never a lack of creativity, it’s a lack of resources that keeps people from their dreams. This place is built by creatives, for creatives. We are a crew of people that have benefitted from access to shared resources, and we believe in paying it forward to our community. Powered by our supporting partners <3.

Come try out…

+ moog + makenoise synthesizers

+ dslr cameras

+ photo studio w/ 10′ backdrop

+ portable photo studio w/ lights

+ zines, books, art supplies

Have extra gear?

Let us know if you have stuff you’re not using! We’d love to find someone to dust off that gear sitting in your closet.  Fill out our contact form or come by during studio hours to drop off!


+ dj controllers / mixers

+ ipads / laptops

+ photo + video cameras, camera bags, SD cards

+ projectors + studio lighting

+ adobe cs subscriptions

+ drum pads, synths, electronic music equipment

+ audio interfaces, audio recording equipment, microphones

+ zines, books, lightly used art supplies

Want to help support?

If you think this is cool, help us keep it going by becoming a supporting partner. Our community are our angels and we thank everyone for their part in helping pay it forward.


TXT ‘JOIN’ TO 833.277.3524 💅

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