Get FREE ENTRY to (1) one event per month for (2) two people

Become an angel for $25 / month

Bring your bestie for a date night! Ask that person from work who you want to get to know to catch a show. We keep the calendar stacked w/ events so use your pass to come see something new.


  • Monthly gift must be active for current month. Can NOT be split into one single entry for two events.
  • Pass may be used at door ONLY.
  • Pass may NOT be used for sold out shows or to reserve advanced tickets.
  • Pass list is based on calendar month and renews on the first of each month. Pass does not roll over month to month.

Need to update your gift? Click the payment info link in your email, or fill out this form.

Become an Angel 🎟️😇

Please note this gift is for direct donations and is not tax-deductible. To give a tax-deductible donation, click here


TXT ‘JOIN’ TO 833.277.3524 💅

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