DIFFERENT WRLD is a culture house + creative hub in Asheville, NC.

We are here to connect and support avl’s underground arts and music scene, and to break down barriers of entry to the creative industry.


creative tools to get you to the next level.

This is a place where you can get access to entry-level creative tools at a sliding scale. Tech changes all the time and buying new equipment is a barrier to entry. We share resources so you can try out new tools and mediums.

You’ll have access to things like…

+ photo studio and cameras to photograph your work

+ podcast gear and studio to record a show

+ video cameras and video editing software

+ electronic music equipment like synthesizers, drum pads, dj equipment, and recording equipment

space to explore your creativity.

This is an intentional environment for exploration and discussion. Our safe space is a hyper-modular coffee shop / bar / event + music venue space. We offer a forum for connection and collaboration – a place for people to share their work and seek inspiration.

This might look like…

+ music and art shows shows from your favorite local musicians and emerging artists

+ apparel collections in collaboration with local artists

+ performance art experiences like ballet or rap and wrestling

+ panel discussions about the creative experience

+ conversations over coffee or drinks with other artists and creatives

this space is for everyone.

whether you call yourself an artist or not, we believe everyone is creative. this space is for ALL of our community to come and get inspired to explore their creativity. we prioritize uplifting the voices of the BIPOC and queer community.

this space is 100% supported by the community.

this project is for us, by us. we are completely 100% funded by the community. we all had our own barriers to entry to get where we are now and we are committed to paying it forward and helping other cross.


your $$ goes to…

  • provide a safe space for folx to explore and grow their creativity
  • offer equipment and tools for creatives to try new mediums
  • provide resources for creatives to document and share their work
  • support creatives in knowing their worth and actualizing their vision

we believe everyone is creative, but you don’t have to be interested in using the tools in the space to support our vision. SUPPORTING PARTNERS are our lifeline and they pay it forward to make sure that folx that really need access have it when they need it.

become a supporting partner


$25 / MONTH


become a supporting partner

or just send a few $$ to help out