[UPDATE] summer 2022

ooo where to begin…

thank you to every single human who showered us with this love for our beta launch last weekend!!

we have always felt so much love but we really felt the weight of your support filling up the room, through all the flowers & gifts, & from all ends of the internet🖤

thank you for being patient while we navigate the deconstruction & rebuilding of all our futures…like we said at the soft opening “does anyone really know what the fuck is going on?” ..probably not but we are doing the best we can in our corner of this world. still feels surreal but we are finally HERE!

we know some of y’all are like where the fuck is HERE?
we definitely took on a lot to make this vision come to life but we are also humans so after check in with our capacity & the inner works of running a business it made sense to bring this baby to life in phases. so let us explain…

PHASE 1 ++

nothing moves without culture so we thought it was important to take time to get the most important thing in the building first …. y’all…the people 🕊🖤😇
so for PHASE 1 our event space + bar is now open !! expect evenings of art installations, live music, dance parties, spontaneous intersections, and chill nighttime hangs.

PHASE 2 ++

just in time for back to school, this fall during PHASE 2 we will merge the culture house with the CREATIVE HUB !!

so what does the creative hub bring to the table??

consistent day time hours ++ coffee program ++ THE CREATIVE TOOL LIBRARY !!
we know y’all are excited for the creative tool library so you can get what you need to make art but we want to make sure we have equipment inventory, checkout systems & staffing to be able to follow through the way we want…we are really excited too 🖤

SO we think that sums it up but as we like remind ourselves “the only constant in life is change” so we will continue to build & grow a different wrld ☺️💕 we love y’all, thank you so much angelsssssssssssssssssssss

event calendar coming soon ….. ✨✨✨

big shoutout to @chajbo our angel for always capturing the sweetest moment 🖤