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House Manager Job Opening

Different Wrld is a creative venue. We are here to break down barriers of entry to the creative industry. We host all kinds of events from live music to clown shows, free art classes, and dance nights. We are a creative collective and a tight-knit crew that likes to have fun but knows how to get shit done.

Job Description

The House Manager keeps the house in order and is the main point of connection for day to day operations. They connect with all crew members and make sure they have what they need to get their job done. 

This is a good fit for someone who is:

  • A people person with good leadership skills
  • A great communicator and skilled in NVC and secure communication 
  • Probably more of a night owl 

The House Manager is over all Event Staff, Night Leads, and Door/Security. House Manager is most directly working with all Night Leads. The Night Lead is House Manager on duty when you are not here. You help make sure that they are successful in running each night smoothly and as a representative and of Different Wrld’s values and the experience we want people to have in our space. 

The House Manager sets the tone of accountability for the crew and is responsible for making sure everyone is getting their work done and doing their part. The House Manager advocates for the business and is looking out for the space, paying attention to things that need fixed, taking suggestions from crew and guests and implementing them, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Job Responsibilities


  • Scheduling posted at least 2 weeks before shifts BY NOON ON MONDAY
  • “On Call” to communicate w/ staff re: scheduling and time off 
    • Coordinate w/ owners and managers to alternate 4-5 days “on call” and 2-3 days where other owner/manager is on call 
  • Submit report slips + tips to Office Manager BY NOON ON MONDAY
    • Support artist payout, make sure Office and Events manager have what they need to make sure artists get paid out correctly 
    • Support Payroll by making sure tips get entered correctly before payroll is run by Office Manager 
  • Prepare and send stocking list to Office Manager BY NOON ON MONDAY
    • Support Office Manager by making stocking list for weekly errands, Sam’s runs, bar laundry. Fill in for this when Office Mgr is on vacation. 
  • Weekly cleaning and housekeeping  by Tuesday, can be done Sunday-Tuesday
    • Clean and reset Bathrooms and Green Room
  • Bar Menus edited and printed  [Sunday-Tuesday] 
  • Weekly core crew meeting  Usually Tuesday ~1hr 
  • Check the vibe, make sure the house is bootsing 💅

Staffing + Hiring

  • Main staff point of contact, connect them w/ what they need to get their job done 
  • Point of contact for scheduling, time off, sick days, etc. 
  • Manages employee handbook, creates training documents and checklists to insure smooth performance of opening and closing duties
  • Fills in for staff when someone calls out sick / no show, supported by other managers and crew
  • Manage and train all Event Staff: Night Lead and Door / Security crew 
    • Support Bar Manager with managing and training all Bar Staff 
    • Supports Office Manager with hiring Event Staff

Operations / Financial 

  • Monthly finance meeting w/ bookkeeper + COO
  • Manage categorization of revenue + expenses in Quickbooks 
  • Coordinate w/ COO for spending + cashflow reporting 
  • Supports Bar Manager w/ yearly bar reporting 
  • Maintains status of ABC license and is listed on license as GM 

This is not a comprehensive list and due to the nature of this role and our industry you may be asked to fill in other roles as needed and applicable. 

Hours & Compensation

  • $17.50 / hour starting \\ flexible pay depending on experience 
  • Work 2-3 days a week as Night Lead during service, other tasks completed during Admin Hours on off days 
    • Admin Hours // 8-16 hours / week 
    • Manager / Night Lead // 8-24 hours / week pick up event shifts 
  • Availability on Tuesdays and Weekends preferred 
  • Please provide your own laptop / computer if possible 
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to lift semi-heavy objects to rearrange furniture 


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