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Door / Security Crew

Different Wrld is a creative venue. We are here to break down barriers of entry to the creative industry. We host all kinds of events from live music to clown shows, free art classes, and dance nights. We are a creative collective and a tight-knit crew that likes to have fun but knows how to get shit done.

We are expanding our core crew and seeking a DOOR / SECURITY person to help us keep this baby in order. As a door / security person at DIFFERENT WRLD, you are responsible for the safety and security of our staff and patrons. We take safety very seriously and do not tolerate bullshit from anyone (see house rules). You are the eyes on the room and are responsible for vetting everyone coming into the space. You can refuse entry to anyone you do not think should be here.

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Personable, likes meeting new people and making connections
  • Organized, can keep up with patrons entering + exiting the space
  • Confident providing rules to patrons
  • Self directed w/ good time management
  • Likes to be a part of a fast moving team
  • Prepared to keep patrons + staff safe throughout the shift

Responsibilities include: 

  • Check in guests // ID all patrons
  • Check the vibe + Uphold the house rules
  • Collect the money for covers + tickets
  • Monitoring the dance floor + not allowing any drinks to go outside or into Nengs
  • Maintain cleanliness of the space throughout the shift + help clean the space at the end of each event
  • De-escalate any tense situations + remove anyone who is not upholding the house rules
  • Be knowledgeable of ALE laws
  • Make sure the house is bootsing 💅

$17.50 / hr + no guarantee of hours (randomly scheduled shifts + fill ins when available)


We use this info to prioritize giving opportunities to those who many not otherwise have access.
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