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Over the past seven years, Nicholas Mallis’ brand of weirdo pop and absurdist, over the top performances have been garnering him praise in Athens, Georgia and beyond. He has shared bills with indie pop greats like Dan Deacon and Kishi Bashi and even played in the solo efforts of Athens legends Cindi Wilson and Fred Schneider (The B-52’s).

In 2019, Nicholas released Artificial Irrelevance, a collection of glam pop songs that Flagpole Magazine referred to as “timeless.” After spending a year touring AI, Nicholas quickly turned out another album (The Final Station) and was gearing up to tour the east coast again before COVID-19 hit in 2020. In Glide Magazine’s review, they state that Nicholas’ music “feels like it came from the late 70s or early 80s during the creative, left-of-the-dial burst in alternative music while also sounding fresh and original.”  

In late March, Nicholas released his latest effort, ‘Product Placement’ via Second-Day Records, a new imprint of Amazon Inc. With this album, he takes a cheeky spin on modern commercialism, making the songs sound like ads for common products and services. He even has a song that he claims the state of Florida commissioned him to write to help boost tourism. “I’m not sure where this whole music thing is going to lead,” says Mallis, “but I suggest you upgrade to an Amazon Prime account now.”

Minorcan is a basement arena rock band currently based in Asheville, NC. After releasing music under his own name on Bi-Fi Records and Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, Ryan Anderson founded Minorcan in 2010 while living in Austin, TX. Originally born in North Florida, Anderson chose the band name as a call back to the swampy, coastal area where he grew up (Link: the Minorcans of St. Augustine).

Minorcan have self-released three albums, Keep at Hand, Dead Man, and Red Paint. Since 2010, they have kept with a consistent tour schedule throughout the American Midwest and Southeast, winning over audiences with their dynamic performances. Post COVID, Anderson has been performing Minorcan as a one-man rock n roll spectacle delighting attendees. Recent concert goers say he’s giving the best performances of his 20+ year career.

In 2022, Minorcan released ear-worm singles (with videos) such as an ode to the stay at home, radical couch punks, “Cat Videos (I’m Just Here For The)” and a love song for the apocalypse, “Keep Your Body Close.”

“True American working-class rock and roll with crunchy guitars, strained vocal chords, dancing bass lines, and cymbal crashing drums…This is arena rock performed in the basements of America, pure and simple. Self-released, DIY till they die, Minorcan are winning over fans one house show and art space at a time.”   – God Is In The TV 

“a sound that hotwires melodic shimmer with garage rock grit.” – Folio Weekly 

In February of 2022 Geddi Monroe embraced her transgender identity and began recording electronic music with harsh vocals and EDM influence in her bedroom to express her experience. Juniper Willow is meant to be an outlet for her best self to exist on stage, and for her anger to be expressed healthily through art. It always has been and currently remains a solo act, and nearly the entirety of each live set is performed off stage and instead within the audience space whenever possible. Throughout 2022 she purchased a Korg Minilogue XD, released her first single Chemical, played her first shows, and began recording her first EP, “(Self Titled)“. “(Self Titled)” by Juniper Willow released March 17th, 2023.


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